Video and Digital Imaging Labs

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The author of ‘CCTV - from light to pixels’ conducts easy to understand CCTV Seminars, covering complete CCTV technologies. 

The seminars are designed to cover the complete content of the books in 2 or 3 days.

Check the Syllabus here.

We have recently developed four new seminars:

    - CCTV Video Content Analytics   

    - CCTV Tenders, Design and Examples

    - Faces and Licence Plates in CCTV

    - CCTV in Banks and Casinos

Each attendee receives a certificate and electronic version of the book.

Ask us for a specific in-house seminar designed just for you.

Latest NEWS: For the ones that want to study but are unable to attend in person due to being very busy or living away from places we visit, there is now an online ViDiLabs Academy.

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