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The latest book (full colour) 

“From light to intelligent pixels”

A Manual on Digital Video Surveillance 

and AI applications

Building on the success and knowledge from the previous four editions, this latest book from light to intelligent pixels’ on over 685 pages covers all the technologies used in modern IP CCTV/VSS. 

It includes everything from light, optics, imaging sensors, cameras, encoders, compressions, networking, transmission, VCA and AI, the 62676 standards, pixel densities, up to system design and testing. 

This is a definitive digital surveillance reference resource that provides deeper understanding of all aspects of IP CCTV/VSS.

It is available in digital and printed version from ASIAL web site (

Video Security Systems Technician

We have assisted organisations like SIA (Security Industry Association of America) by writing training manuals for their technicians.

This Level I Study Guide was written in 2009, together with Howard Kohnstamm from US, who was assisting us with the US local installation practices, rules and regulations.

You can find this book via the SIA web site, or download it here.

Translated into many languages

These books have been translated into many languages (German, Korean and Russian copies as shown on left). 

The actual title of the Russian translation is literally “The Bible of video surveillance”

Panomera effect 

We have assisted manufacturers, such as Dallmeier, to demystify and explain their technologies.

The complicated Panomera effect was explained and illustrated for clear understanding.

This booklet was illustrated and written by Vlado in 2014 and it’s published by Dallmeier in English and German languages.

It is a free booklet and can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s web site here (Panomera).

What readers have said about the CCTV books by Vlado Damjanovski:

“Product as promised” 

Kirin, 2017

“Five stars. Excellent price very fast service.” 

Aaron, 2017

“Great thanks for the exhaustive information which I found in your book “CCTV - from light to pixels”, across which I came very accidentally on the Internet. To be honest I could not believe there is another person from my country Macedonia who knows this area so well - this was very inspiring to me. I hope I will have the opportunity to attend one of your seminars and meet you in person.

With respect.”

Trajce Despotovski, 2017

Quora: If I wanted to know everything about video analytic software is CCTV, which books/websites should I read?

“In my opinion you read this book it is easy and also have lot of content to enhance your knowledge about CCTV”

Avnish Yadav, 2016

“Five stars. EXCELLENT THANKS.” 

Amazon customer, 2016

“I learned everything about CCTV from your book.”

Maxim Shumeyko, JVSG, 2015

“I call this man - the Father of CCTV”.

Danny Willgoose, Net-Sec, 2015

"... a complete and all-inclusive handbook of video monitoring systems that can be utilized effectively by security managers and security consultants. Keep it nearby as a ready reference for any CCTV related issues." 

Security Management (online), December2014

"The third edition of this high-level professional reference is expanded to cover all video compression techniques used in the ever-increasing assortment of digital video recorders (DVRs) available on the market today…Fully illustrated with dozens of photographs, tables, checklists, charts, diagrams, and instructions, it is a valuable resource for security system designers, dealers, and installers; security managers; and security consultants." 

SecurityPark online, December2013

"...the book is well written and highly informative. Anyone seeking in-depth knowledge on CCTV will find it a worthwhile investment in terms of both time and money.”

Security Management, 2014

"CCTV is worth the money for anyone involved in the CCTV industry, including designers, installers, sales staff, security managers, consultants, and manufacturers." 

Security Insider magazine

“Excellent book in everything related to image and CCTV. It is Excellent. I plan to pass the AXIS Communication Limited's CCTV related qualification but I haven't any experience and knowledge about camera, light and CCTV. I purchase this book and found that it can provide an excellent information, especially the basic concept of camera, image, light and CCTV. If U have time, I would highly recommend U to purchase it as reference book”  

Phillip Chan, 2014

“My favourite reference. Comprehensive and basic, I recommend it to all CCTV technicians, engineers and designers. Only simple comment regarding the historical first part of the book, I think we don't need to have that much of details because the whole technology have been changed. I teach and develop special training courses in the GCC, this book is one of my first references.”

Munaf A. Al Nidawi, 2014

“Five stars. A must have for any serious video system installers/users.This is my reference bible !”

Ion, 2014

“Easy to understand. A very nice book. The description for the CCTV system is very helpful to us.

I hope to more date will be upgrade on VMS, Network issues”

Sooki Choi, 2014

“If you can’t find it here - patent it. The “Bible” of CCTV. We use it as a course literature in our training sessions for our employees, customers and partners.” 

Erik Erlandsson, 2014

“CCTV is magnificent!!! As an engineer that is involved with ITS closed circuit television systems, "CCTV" is a great book to have on my desk. It provides me the information needed for my profession. You will find the book to be very technical, but easy to follow. The explanation of the CCTV system, from camera(s) to monitor(s), is complete and covers the most important hardware that a professional will encounter. "CCTV" helps me meet my goal to be one of the top experts of my profession. Engineers, technicians, consultants and installers involved with CCTV systems should definitely have a copy. Thank you, Mr. Damjanovski!!!” 

Stanley L. Johnson, P.E. 2001

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