Video and Digital Imaging Labs

(ViDi Labs Pty.Ltd. ABN 98140996149)

Some of the things we offer:

* Provide high-level consultancy on modern IP CCTV projects.

* Perform testing and analysis of IP and CCTV products with reports, as necessary.

* Offer specialised test methods, test charts and applications to help evaluate systems quality. 

* We write books and booklets for training and articles for various magazines, demystifying and explaining various technologies.  

* Conduct international CCTV Seminars based on our four best-selling books.

* Possess vast experience and know-how in designing CCTV systems and preparing documentation. 

* Provide professional drawings and 3D modelling for various documentation.

* Assist Standards organisations and bodies in the development of Standards. 

* Possess a sound knowledge in graphic design and life-long experience in optics and photography.

Please download the company Prospectus here (PDF, 8.8MB)

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