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Camera testing 

ViDi Labs is well equipped with instruments and tools to perform correct IP camera tests, as per various standards, including the latest IEC 62676-5.

We use our own HD/UHD test charts as well as our partner’s, Image Engineering, charts.

Calibrated lux-meters and high luminance light sources are also a component of our lab.

We recently developed our own software, based on MatLab algorithms, for accurate and objective camera analysis.  

There is no need for guess work any more, like in the analogue days. 

Talk to us, we can conduct independent and confidential camera analysis for your next project or tender bid. 

If you wish to conduct your own testing and measurements, you can order our ViDi Labs test chart v.5.0 from us, and then send us a video or exported JPG images from your camera for our software analysis, free of charge.

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Sample of an MTF / SFR measurement graph

A sample of Spatial Frequency Response curves of an IP camera, for various sections of a test chart. 

It shows resolution in Line Pairs per Picture Height (LP/PH).

Other measurements can be made and logged as shown on the left.

This includes colour reproduction (white balance), S/N, Dynamic Range, etc.

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