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Case Studies


On this page we will analyse some case studies which came from the practical usage of the ViDiLabs calc application. You can use them to achieve the best IP CCTV System design for your clients.

1. Face Identification study


A customer wants to install an Automatic Face Identification (AFI) camera system in its premises. 

The AFI software they have chosen requires sharp and clean images of people’s faces with minimum of 30 pixels between the eyes for positive identification. 


Help the customer choose a camera and lens for a successful operation of the AFI system.


Using the ViDiLabs calculator this is a very simple problem to solve, as shown in the screen shot below, but the drawing explains the maths behind it, which is also found in the latest book “CCTV - from light to pixels”.

2. Moving vehicle number-plate study


A Traffic Authority organisation has asked for an IP CCTV camera to capture vehicles passing over an induction-trigger loop at 80km/hr with the vehicle number-plates clearly legible. 

The Authority has requested to have at least 20 pixels of the number-plate characters height in the recorded footage, for better reading. 

The Traffic Authority have also requested to have number-plates to be free from motion blur at  playback. 

The distance between the loop and the camera pole is 20m. 

The camera viewing angle of the passing vehicles direction, relative to the optical viewing axis, is 30˚.

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