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The roots of ViDi Labs business are in photography.

Vlado Damjanovski has been involved in photography since 1972, during his high school years in Macedonia.

Vlado’s first photographic solo exhibition was back in 1977 in the “Dom na mladina” in Skopje, after which he had another three exhibitions around Macedonia (then, a part of Yugoslavia). 

After migrating to Australia, in 1987, Vlado had another three solo exhibitions in Sydney, and numerous awards for photography from various competitions.

Vlado has evolved as an accomplished photographer starting from film development, working in dark-rooms, and currently working with the best photographic software and camera equipment.

Although photography is a passionate hobby only, a lot that Vlado teaches in his books and seminars has been learned from his involvement in photography, as well as from his father, who was an optical engineer.

Vlado’s photographic web site “Poems with Pixels”, is a showcase of the aesthetic achievements of his photography, starting from 1972 till today.

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