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ViDi Labs calc

The Visual part of the ViDiLabs Calc application


Calculating the Motion blur of moving objects

The Digital part of the ViDiLabs Calc application:


ViDiLabs calc is an Australian designed iOS App that gives you the best choice of camera, lens and exposure setup for your IP CCTV/Video system.
Perfect for installers, integrators, consultants, manufacturers and end-users.

The ViDiLabs calc can be used by film makers, photographers, cinematographers, and anybody using digital cameras.

ViDiLabs calc is an irreplaceable tool for finding:

- Horizontal and Vertical Fields of View (HFOV and VFOV)
- a focal length lens to see required scene width and height
- Pixel Density for any given sensor, lens and distance
- a required lens for any given sensor to achieve Face Identification, Recognition and Inspection quality
- the best exposure to minimise the appearance of Motion blur due to moving objects
- the required storage capacity to achieve certain days or weeks of recording
- the required number of hard disks for any RAID or JBOD configuration
- the approximate visual quality for a chosen video or image compression

Works with the latest iPhones models 5, 6 and iPads.

Click here to download the ViDiLabs Calc Manual.

ViDiLabs calc video tutorials:
Visual and Motion blur

ViDiLabs Calc on iTunes App store.

Android version to follow.

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